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Top 10 Laser Engraver Machine Manufacturers


A laser engraving machine is a computer-controlled device. It uses a laser beam to cut, engrave, or mark various materials. These materials may include metal, plastic, wood, or glass. Most laser engraving machine manufacturers can offer unique features and specifications.

Choosing the right laser engraver manufacturer would benefit your target applications. A suitable laser engraver can achieve precise and accurate results. We will discuss the importance of choosing the right laser engraving machine company later. Before that, we will bring the three most popular laser engraving machine manufacturers. You can consider these three China laser engraving machine suppliers for your required project.

Top 3 Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturers

The following are the most popular in recent laser markets. These small laser engraving machine manufacturers provide varieties of laser machines. We will introduce you to the product line, features, and disadvantages of these laser engraver manufacturers. You can also check the summary table in the next section of this article.

Hanten CNC

Hanten CNC

Jinan Hanteng Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a leading laser engraver manufacturer. Their most popular trademarks are "Hanten CNC," "Hanten Laser," and "Hanten UVP." With long-term experience, this company has served many industries requiring high-quality laser machines. It is important to note that this company has exported its laser machine to more than 40 renowned countries worldwide.

Moreover, this company is also a professional supplier of inkjet coding products. All the laser machines from Hanten Laser have passed CE certifications. They are also famous as a CNC laser engraving machine manufacturer.

Product Line:

  • Laser Engraver Machine: Hanteng Laser provides laser engravers from 20W to 100W. Additionally, they offer fiber and CO2 laser engravers.
  • Laser Cleaning Machine: You can get laser cleaning machines of 50W to 3000W, offering both handheld and backpack styles.
  • Laser Welding Machine: You can see laser welding machines ranging from a few hundred watts to several kilowatts. These types may include stationary, hand-held, automatic, and manual.
  • Laser Cutting Machine: 3040 Hobby CNC laser wood cutter and 1530 1500W to 3000W fiber laser cutter are some of the most common models from Hanten laser.
  • UV printer: 9060 UV printer, A3 flatbed desktop UV printer, and 2513 flatbed UV printer are famous examples of UV printers from Hanten Laser.


  • Hanten Laser offers a diverse collection of laser machines.
  • Their website,, is an organized and well-maintained online platform.
  • They offer excellent after-sale services. These services include customer query services, training for new users, installation, and maintenance.
  • Hanten Laser provides a fast delivery process.
  • Their laser machines are suitable for both workshops and large industries.
  • Compared to other brands, Hanten Laser offers their customers the best-budgeted options.


  • Limited blog posts for laser knowledge.

Thunder Laser

Thunder Laser

Since 2012, Thunder Laser has developed high-quality laser cutters, engravers, and markers. Their primary products are laser engraver machines. Besides, they also manufacture laser control systems used in many industries.

Thunder Laser also ensures quality control certifications, such as CE, FDA, and others. They maintain the strict quality of the product by following specific production management. As a result, Thunder laser engraving machines are popular in many applications. These applications include arts & crafts, awards, stamps, fashion, gifts, architecture, electrical components, etc.

Product Line:

  • Laser Cutter: Thunder provides three models of NOVA laser cutting machines in the store. The provided laser power ranges from 40 watts to 130 watts.
  • Laser Engraver: Thunder laser engravers are also famous as Odin Laser engraving machines. Odin 22 and Odin 32 are two models available from Thunder laser. The typical power ranges from 30 watts to 55 watts.
  • Laser Marker: Thunder laser markers are also famous as Aurora Laser marking Machines. Aurora 8 and Aurora 8 Pro are two popular laser markers from Thunder laser. The typical power ranges from 20 watts to 50 watts.


  • Thunder laser offers after-sales, customer support, training, R&D achievements, etc.
  • They offer a comparatively lower price than HiSpeed Lasers.
  • Their website,, contains an excellent blog section on laser basics.


  • Thunder laser offers a limited collection of laser engraver machines. As a result, your choice would be limited when choosing a suitable one for your applications.

HiSpeed Laser

HiSpeed Laser

Dongguan HiSpeed Laser Technology is also a leading small laser engraving machine manufacturer. This laser engraving machine supplier is a recent member of the laser market. Just in 2 years, this company has earned an excellent reputation in the laser markets. Their laser machines are high-quality and come with perfect finishing.

HiSpeed Laser also confirms CE, FDA, SGS, and trademark certificates like the above suppliers. They provide various laser systems such as Fiber, UV, CO2, and Fly Lasers. HiSpeed Laser also offers spare parts and accessories for your laser engraving machine.

Product Line:

  • Laser Engraver Machine: All four laser sources are available for laser engraving machines from HiSpeed Laser. You can get the Laser engraver from 10W to 100W of various laser sources.
  • Laser Cutting Machine: Both fiber and CO2 laser powers are available for HiSpeed laser cut machines. The typical laser power ranges from 100W to 2KW.
  • Laser Welding Machine: Three different types of laser welder machines can be seen in this factory. These types include handheld, fixed, and jewelry laser welding machines. The typical laser power ranges from 60W to 2000W.
  • Laser Cleaning Machine: Laser cleaning machines from 20W to 2000W are available in the HiSpeed laser factory.


  • Like Hanten CNC, HiSpeed Laser keeps a great collection of laser machines.
  • They also provide one of the best customer service platforms.
  • Their website is well-organized and well-maintained.


  • Laser cutting machines from HiSpeed Laser come with limited cutting depth. These laser cutters are not suitable for prominent industrial uses.

Comparison Between Three Laser Engraver Manufacturers

This section directly compares the laser engraving machine manufacturers discussed above. It is a quick way to find the right laser engraving machine company for your project. We have gathered some key factors to compare these suppliers. These factors are mentioned as subjects on the left side of the table.

SubjectsHanten CNCThunder LaserHiSpeed Laser
ExperienceEstablished in 2018Started business in 2012Established in 2020
CollectionDiverse collectionsLimited collectionGreat collection except for larger working areas
Laser PowerWide range of optionsLimited optionsMore options than Thunder Laser
Online PlatformWell-organized and maintainedNot easy to navigate to the product pageComparatively more organized than Thunder Laser
Customer ServiceExcellentSatisfactorySatisfactory
Laser knowledgeInsufficient blog postsExcellent platform for laser knowledgeSatisfactory collection of blog posts
Laser BudgetProvides all types of configurations and pricesComparatively expensive than both brandsOffers higher prices than Hanten CNC
Customer ResponseExcellentSatisfactorySatisfactory

Summary Table of the comparison between the top 3 laser engraving machine manufacturers

Importance Of Choosing A Potential Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturer

Laser Engraver Manufacturers

Choosing the right laser engraving machine manufacturer is essential for your project's benefit. Why is it important to find the best supplier? The following are several reasons why you should choose a suitable laser engraving machine supplier.

Better Durability

Reputed laser engraving machine manufacturers build a machine that lasts long. The Laser machines from these reputed factories come with high-quality materials and components. These quality components can withstand the demands of continuous use.

Better Performance

Reputed laser engraving machine suppliers ensure all the performance parameters. It guarantees the performance of the laser machines. Some laser engraver machine manufacturers may offer unique laser machines for special applications.

Reliable Customer Services

After-sale service is expected from a reputed laser supplier. They offer several training programs, both online and offline sessions. These training programs help customers to work with laser machines more efficiently.

Warranty Programs

Potential laser engraving machine companies always offer reliable warranty programs. It is important to note that a good warranty protects your investment. It gives you reliability on the suppliers.

Final Thought

In a word, choosing the right laser engraving machine manufacturer is necessary. It will ultimately increase the business's productivity. You can rely on their machines for long-term continuous use. Above all, if you feel any questions regarding choosing the best laser engraving machine supplier, contact us. We have a great team of experts who can help you find a better solution.